North Star Shipping
an extension to your business

North Star Shipping is a Romanian private company established since 1995. As shipping agents – freight forwarders - charterers - stevedores have an experienced and professional staff, and we are attending more than 250 vessels every year for loading and discharging general, bulk and liquid cargoes.

Credibility is the differential factor in an extremely competitive market. It is the result of hard work, knowledge and dedication.

As a service provider, our company success depends totally on the degree of satisfaction of our clients. They are the ones that believe in our professionalism, and use North Star Shipping as an extension of their business.

Participation to other companies

Since August 2007, North Star is the main shareholder with 51% in Minmetal S.A. Constanta. Together we are handling presently more than 5.000.000 tonnes each year, grains, raw materials such as iron ore, coal and cokes and liquid products.


Connection – Authorities - Partners

Basis our 20 years management experience at the port of Constanta, we will provide local knowledge, a very good connection with port and local authorities, and a professional approach getting solutions to all problems which may arise.

Having in view all above mentioned we are confident that North Star Shipping will be able to be the right partner in Romania for any industrial platform requiring a logistic company to provide cargo handling at the port of Constanta, Danube River transport via barges, railcars and trucks.

Company code of conduct:

• Act in accordance with all international as well as national laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

• Adhere strictly to the principles of honesty and integrity.

• Operate in a sound and honorable financial manner.

• Ensure that all principals' business being handled is dealt with in confidence.